***Note: The menu options in the video below may not be found in the same places in your own instance. The names of the menu options may also be different. This is due to instance customization. 



NOTE: The numbers that autopopulate in the fee/commission/downline/holdback boxes when editing individual rep comps are the numbers which were entered during each package's configuration. Payplans and manually entered user/rep commissions override package configurations.

Note: When Mass Updating Rep Commissions, copying existing compensation plans will NOT copy over Referrer Flat Override by Rep amounts or Volume Bonuses. The Rep chosen in the 'Copy Comps From' dropdown should not be on a payplan, and neither should the reps being updated, as using the Mass Update Rep Comm tool will NOT take the reps who are being updated off their payplans if they are already on a payplan, assign them a payplan if they are not on one, or change the payplan they are on. 

NOTE: The examples shown in the video above reflect an instance wherein automatic payroll calculation is turned OFF. This is why you can see the Override and Downline Override boxes when configuring commissions. When automatic payroll calculation is turned ON, setting commissions is simpler. For more information on the difference between manual and automatic payroll calculation, please see help article "Automatic Payroll Calculation vs. Manual Payroll Calculation." 

 NOTE: A new feature allows rep and business commissions to be multiplied by the number of lines/boxes sold. For more information, please see help article "Multiplying Commissions by Number of Boxes or Lines Sold." 


At the bottom of rep's profile screen, (if they are not on a payplan), there will be a compensation section which includes the option to enter a 'Flat Rep Fee' for specific packages.

Flat fees trump commissions, and do away with overrides/downline overrides. Holdbacks, however, still apply to flat fees (as do number of lines/boxes commission multipliers, if enabled). For example, when the rep whose profile is pictured below sells the package 'alarm system,' then rather than receiving the commissions entered for them of $100, $50, or $0 depending on customer credit risk, they will receive a flat fee of '$100' regardless of credit risk (but that $100 will be multiplied by number of boxes/lines, if applicable), with a holdback of 11%. Their lead rep, if they have one, will not receive any override commission from this rep's 'alarm system' sale.