Below: Please find an explanation of the items you may see when you click on your customer's name from the 'Submissions' (AKA 'Customers' AKA 'People') page in FastGem. Please note that some of the below labels may be named something slightly different, or appear in a different order, (or be absent altogether) depending on your instance's customization. If you would like to customize the information in your person records, please contact FastGem support. 

Note: If a person's record is created via Order Form submission, much of the below data will auto-populate. 

***Several of the options below include sensitive data. Only users with specific permissions can view sensitive data. When a user with permissions views sensitive data, it is logged automatically in the record's action logs. 

  1. ID - Every Lead/Customer/Person entered into FastGem has an ID for tracking purposes.
  2. FIRST/LAST NAME- Person First/Last Name
  3. PUBLIC/BUSINESS/PRIVATE VIEWING DROPDOWN - This allows you to specify the type of viewing the customer requires, if applicable.
  4. PRIMARY EMAIL - Person's email address as entered on their order form
  5. PRIMARY PHONE - Person's primary phone number as entered on their order form
  6. SECONDARY PHONE - Person's secondary phone number as entered on their order form
  7. ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, AND ZIP - Person address as entered on their order form
  8. BILLING ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, AND ZIP - Person's billing address as entered on their order form
  9. PIN - If applicable, this is set up by the order processor while placing an order for services.
  10. SECURITY ANSWER - Some providers require an account security question and answer during initial account set up. If applicable, the answer is put here by order processor.
  11. SSN - Person's Social Security Number 
  12. DOB - Person's date of birth
  13. CHAT - Option to see and/or begin a conversation with the rep and/or tech assigned to the work orders attached to the person record. 
  14. FOLLOW UP? - If there is a follow-up flag set for this person (not their work order(s)), it will appear here. 
  15. FOLLOW UP DETAILS - Details of the above follow up, if applicable
  16. FOLLOW UP DATE - When the above follow up is scheduled to be completed, if applicable
  17. DATE/TIME FOLLOW UP SET - When the above follow up was created, if applicable
  18. WORKFLOW STATUS - Status of person's record (Not Started, Pass, etc.)
  19. TIME SINCE - Time since last person status change (Keep in mind that most Pass statuses are not tracked by this counter, per back end configurations). 
  20. ASSIGNED TO- Shows who processed or is assigned to process the person's order, or who last accessed the person's action log from the Quality Control/Follow Ups list. The user listed under 'Assigned To' will also receive notifications in the QC/Follow Up tab if the customer responds to a text message received from their person record.
  21. CREDIT RISK- Credit risk of customer (once processed) is entered here. 
  22. REP- Shows the rep whose order form link was used to submit the order. If no order form was used, then this shows the rep who entered the order into FastGem (if no rep was manually selected when entering the order) or the rep who was manually assigned to this order. 
  23. LEAD REP- Shows the rep's team leader
  24. AREA - person/rep area
  25. REFERRER - Referrer, if applicable
  26. PROCESSOR CHANNEL- Shows which channel was used to process the order (SaraPlus, CenturyLink, Spectrum, etc.)
  27. CAMPAIGN - Campaign that attracted the customer, if applicable ("How did you hear about us?" etc). 
  28. CREATED- Shows the live date and time that the order was actually submitted by customer (or, if no order form was used, the date and time the record was first created by a FastGem user). 
  29. MODIFIED DATE - Date record last modified
  30. FIRST TOUCH- Shows the date and time that the order was first edited/processed/changed in some way. 
  31. CONVERTED - Date person was converted from a Lead into a Customer. This auto-populates.
  32. IS CUSTOMER - This auto-populates to 'Yes' when a person status is changed to a "Passing" status. (For more information on converting Leads, please see help article "Converting a Lead into a Customer."
  33. LANGUAGE - Customer's preferred language. 
  34. ACTIONS - This tool allows you to enter notes and other actions into the Action Log, send a text message to the person/customer and/or the person's rep, and create a task attached to a person's record. 
  35. ACTION LOGS- History of notes/Actions taken by a user or the software regarding the person's record.
  36. SUBMISSION DATA- All customer details/information/preferences submitted by the customer on their order form. Depending on instance customization, may also include the link they were issued to fill out the order form, rep name, etc. Sensitive data such as SSN, DOB, etc. is masked from this section.
  37. WORK ORDERS- This section is labeled and shows the name of the provider/package, # of cable boxes/rooms needed, the scheduled installation date, install time window, Status of the installation (Installed, scheduled, payment cleared, cancelled), and more. It allows you to view (and create) a work order within the customer record, so you don't have to alternate back and forth between 'People' and 'Work Order' tabs. You can enter required equipment for a work order, set invoices to be generated from this required equipment for a work order, assign promotions and rep adjustments to a work order, and more. For more information on Work Orders, please see help topic "Work Orders (AKA Appointments)." 
  38. CUSTOMER CONTRACT FORMS - Articles signed by the customer upon Installation (Tech Forms) appear here once successfully submitted. 
  39. CUSTOMER VERIFICATION - Customer verification form sending and viewing options
  40. CUSTOM DATA - This is a field built for entering customer details for which there is not a specific database field in the customer record, but that you want to be easily accessible in the future. 
  41. RAW DATA - The raw data from the order form submission. Sensitive data fields are masked from this section. 
  42. ASSIGNED INVENTORY - Any inventory assigned to a work order associated with this person will appear here, if applicable. 
  43. DOCS - Any additional documents/pdfs associated with the person record can be uploaded/stored here. 
  44. PHOTOS - Any photos associated with the person record (such as those taken by technitians as proof of install, etc.) appear here.

**If you have any further questions about the information listed in your customer/lead/person record pages, please contact FastGem Support.