Please note: once a form field type has been selected, you cannot change the field type (e.g., change a field from a 'Dropdown' to a 'Radio Group') later on. 

  1. Textbox- One line text only field
  2. Text Area- Multiple line text area field (Notes section, etc) 
  3. Dropdown- A field that can be labeled with dropdown options for customer to choose from. Multiple selections can be made, if so configured.
  4. Checkbox Group-A field that can be labeled with multiple checkbox selections for customer to choose from. Multiple selections can be made, if so configured.
  5. Radio Group- A field that can be labeled with selections for customer to choose from by clicking into the correct bubble/circle. No more than one selection can be made. 
  6. Submit Button-  Adds a button for the customer to submit the form into FastGem
  7. Password- Adds a password field on the order form 
  8. File Upload- Inserts a field for customer to upload a file from their computer into the order form. 
  9. Free Text- Allows you to insert any type of text that will be visible to the customer on the order form.
  10. Calendar- Inserts a calendar option into your order form.
  11. Date/Time Picker- Gives customer the option to pick a date/time for whatever caption/reason you choose.
  12. Button-Inserts a new button field for any reason you may need it for.
  13. Captcha/Antispam- Inserts a security feature that keeps your order form from being spammed which requires customer to pass a captcha to prove they're not a bot. 
  14. Hidden Field- Fields that exist, but are not visible to the person filling out the order form, but are necessary to make up the order form.
  15. Support Ticket- Inserts a Unique ID 
  16. Pagebreak- Adds a break in the page so you can make a new section for the form.
  17. Birthday Field-Inserts a date of birth option for the customer to fill out on the form.
  18. Google Map - Inserts a GoogleMap into the form for customer to utilize for whatever reason you specify.
  19. Range Slider-Inserts a range scale from 0-100 for whatever reason you specify for the customer to select from.
  20. Signature Field- Inserts a field for the customer to draw out their signature to submit with their order form.
  21. Recaptcha v2- Another CAPTCHA option to insert into your form
  22. Single Product- Gives the single price option for you to insert on the form
  23. Multiple Products- Allows customer to choose from multiple products/prices
  24. Donation- Inserts a field on your order form that gives customer the option to add a donation
  25. Discount- Inserts a field to include a price discount
  26. Total- Shows the total amount due on order form
  27. Choose Payment-  Lists payment methods
  28. Payment(Paypal)-  Inserts option to pay via PAYPAL