A PDF of submitted forms to FastGem can be e-mailed to instance users and/or to the person who submitted the form (e.g. the Lead). 



There are two options for how to do this. Option 1, which is the easiest and the one you should use in most circumstances, is as follows: 


Option 1 (auto-generate the code using Directories): 

From the Form Management page, click Manage Directories on the left: 


Then click on the Form you are working with. The 'General' tab on the left should look like this: 

Next, click on 'Fields' on the left. In the 'Fields' tab, you will see a list of the form field names currently published in your form. In the 'Show in Details' column, you can select the checkbox for the details that you want. (Do not include hidden fields.) These are the fields that will appear when the record of the signed/submitted form is accessed in front end. Make sure the fields you select are in the order they appear on the form; you can move them around if they are in the wrong order. 


Next, click on the 'Details Layout' tab on the left.

The Details Layout tab should look like this (Auto Generate Layout should be 'YES' and '2 Lines' should be selected above): 


Click Save to save the Directory, then go back to the 'Details Layout' tab and copy the code that is there: 


Save & Close the Directory. 

Navigate back to Form Management>the form you are working on> Form Properties> click on either the Admin or User emails tabs (or do this for both Admin and User emails). In the PDF Attachment section, make sure 'Attach to Admin/User email' is set to 'YES.' Delete any code there is in the 'PDF Layout (HTML)' field and paste in the code you copied from the Details Layout tab in Directories (step S above):


Don't forget to make sure the admin/user emails are going to the correct people, and that the bodies of these emails are configured appropriately. If necessary, you can paste the same code you just pasted into the PDF Layout field, into the actual email body when editing the email text. However, when doing so, make sure you are editing the 'Code' of the email: 

Save & Close your form. 


To Test: 


Submit a test form and view e-mail and PDF attachment. 




Option 2 (manually build the code yourself): 

Admin>Form Management


Click on the order form you want e-mailed. ('Checkbox Order Form' used as an example for this article)

Click on 'Form Properties.' 


Click on 'Admin Emails', 'User Emails,' or 'Additional Emails' in the left margin's menu. 


Fill out each field as necessary. Leaving a section blank is fine if it's not needed.


In the 'Contents' section:

Type whatever you want the subject line of the emailed form to read.

Toggle The E-mail mode to 'HTML' 

Click on 'Edit the Email Text' and customize to your liking. You can use the 'toggle quick add' button at the top of your page to access dynamic text fields corresponding to the fields in your form. Copy any of these you wish and paste them into the email body. Click 'Save' to save changes. 




Click on the 'Code' tab' once you've saved your changes.  

Copy the code shown . Click 'Save and Close.'