Problem: Work order doesn't show up in payroll. 

Resolution: Check payment cleared status and date. Make sure Payment Cleared date is shown. 

Note: We are using 'Payment Cleared' because this is the most commonly used 'cleared' status. A 'cleared' status is the status that allows the work order to appear in Snapshot Payroll for processing. If your instance is configured differently, it is possible that your 'cleared' status may be something else, like 'Installed.' If that is the case, you would want to check to make sure the Installed date is shown. 

1. From Front- end, Click on 'Appointments' tab (This may be called 'Work Orders' or something else, depending on your instance's customization). Type the name of the customer in search bar. Hit the 'Enter' key on your keyboard. Click on customer name to go to link to submission page for that customer. 

2. Click the 'Edit' button. 

3. View the 'Payment Cleared Date' field. 

4. Double click into field to make it editable, and type in the corresponding 'Payment Cleared' date as it should appear. Then, click 'Save' button. 

5. Click into 'Payroll' tab, click 'Refresh', and you should now see the correct data.