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  Note: If you are just getting started in FastGem and are in charge of setting up the commissions for your instance, then prior to watching this video, check out these articles: 

In this video, find a basic walk through on navigating payroll, running payroll, and how to choose what is/isn't viewable to reps and when. 

Permissions Necessary: Payroll Admin


Note: Finalized payroll listed in 'View Payroll' will be displayed according to the date set beside the 'Finalize' button when finalizing Snapshot Payroll.



Note: As shown in the video above, when running Snapshot Payroll, all payroll entries left over from previous snapshots (which were not cleared along with the other entries processed at that time for the same work order) will appear under the subheading 'Held Payroll Payments.' These types of held payments are static in time regardless of changes made to the work order later, even if the work order is cancelled or the rep/tech changed. They can only be removed by being deleted form your Held Payroll Payments list (for information on how to delete them, see THIS help article). 


Note: Any Chargeback-type rep adjustments automatically created by the system when a work order is set to a Chargeback status will not appear in Snapshot Payroll for Processing unless the 'Chrg' checkbox is checked. This box is checked automatically for all instances who do not have a Chargeback limit set. For more information on Chargeback limits, please see THIS help article. 


(Note: In the RARE case that you have a particular setting turned on that tells FastGem to only show non-chargeback type rep adjustments associated with a work order in snapshot payroll if that work order is in a cleared/completed status, then in order to see non-chargeback type rep adjustments for work orders in chargeback status (e.g. held funds used) you will need to check the 'All RA' checkbox when running snapshot payroll: 

This 'All RA' checkbox only appears when the setting limiting rep adjustment appearance based on work order status is enabled. Most instances will not have it.)



  • If a rep or tech is not showing up in the payroll projection for an order, check to make sure their ME record is linked to their user record correctly: THIS article will explain how to link a user record to a rep/tech record correctly. 
  • If a rep or tech's pay for an order is not updating even though you have edited their pay plan/commissions, it is likely that the amount that is not updating is a held payment, generated because someone else (e.g. a lead rep) was paid on the order already. Once payment has been finalized (cleared through snapshot payroll) for another rep/tech on the order, the other rep/techs' payroll for that order is 'set in stone'. In order to change it, it is usually easiest to delete the held payment (see THIS article for instructions on how to do that) and add a rep adjustment for the correct amount manually (see THIS article on rep adjustments). 
  • If a direct rep's pay is not showing up or is showing as $0 on a cleared order when their pay plan/commissions are set with the correct payment amount and the order has a cleared date on it, check to see if the rep has 'Runs Own Payroll' permissions set (for more information, see THIS help article). If the direct rep has 'Runs Own Payroll' set to Yes and there is a Lead Rep listed on the order, that will prevent the direct rep from getting the correct pay. 
  • If a downline override is not appearing in payroll, see THIS help article. 
  • If an override has been assigned to the wrong lead rep, see THIS help article. 
  • If an override/downline override amount is showing as $0, see THIS help article. 
  • If a Cleared/Completed work order is not showing up in Snapshot Payroll, see THIS help article.