If you want your technicians to be automatically charged for inventory after it has been consigned to them but not activated for a certain number of days, or if you want to be able to manually set a piece of inventory to Chargeback status and have payroll adjustments created for your technicians to reflect, you will love this new feature. 

When this feature is enabled, then after you set a piece of inventory to a chargeback status, chargeback rep adjustments for the cost of that inventory piece will automatically be created for the applicable technician. These chargebacks will appear in the action logs of both the technician and the inventory piece, with serial number listed (in parenthesis below) for easy identification. 



Assuming the 'Chrg' checkbox is checked before Snapshot Payroll is run, the chargeback rep adjustment will also appear in Snapshot Payroll for processing, again with serial number listed (in parenthesis below) for easy identification. (If you have a Chargeback Limit set for your instance, the chargeback may not appear in payroll right away, depending on orders already processed through payroll on the same date. For more information, please see THIS help article). 



In addition to chargeback rep adjustments being created for technicians when a piece of inventory is manually set to Chargeback status, FastGem can also be configured to put a piece of inventory into chargeback status and create the applicable chargeback rep adjustment for it automatically, if that piece of inventory has been consigned to a technician but not activated/assigned to a customer for a pre-set number of days. 




To configure inventory chargebacks, login to the admin portal (backend) of your instance (this can be reached by adding /a to the end of your instance URL. For example, the URL for the admin portal of our demo instance is demo.fastgem.net/a). From the main menu, click 'Config.' 

  (Note: users with special Configuration User permissions will not need to login to the admin portal (backend) to access the Config section; instead, they can navigate to SITE MGMT > Config). 

Once you are in Config, then, in the Content Types tab (the first tab along the top of your screen),  click to open the Inventory section. There are four different configurations you will need to set here, pointed out with red arrows below:


 First, you will need to add a Chargeback status to the inventory Status list, assuming one does not exist already. Click the Inventory Status 'Click here to Edit' icon and use the green buttons to add a new status. 




Next, select the chargeback status you just added in the 'Chargeback Inventory (to tech) Status' dropdown. 



Next, toggle the 'Inventory Auto Chargeback (when set to chargeback status)' option to YES. 


Next, if you want FastGem to automatically place consigned and un-activated inventory items into chargeback status and create the applicable chargeback rep adjustment after a certain number of days, enter that number of days in the box labeled 'Inventory Chargeback After Duration (scan daily for consignment passed this date and chargeback)'. An entry of '0' will result in no auto-chargebacks. 


Remember to save your changes!



For more information on Inventory in FastGem, please see help category 'Equipment and Inventory.'


For further questions regarding inventory chargebacks, please contact FastGem support at (504) 383-0602 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you for using FastGem!