If you want to prevent a person's record from being processed for any reason, simply toggle 'Blacklist' to YES at the bottom of their customer record in Edit mode and click Save: 


If you do not see the Blacklist toggle as an option, contact FastGem support and we can add it for you. 



Once a customer is blacklisted, they can no longer be accessed in front end. In order to undo their blacklist status, an Admin must log into the Admin portal (backend) of your instance. Your Admin portal can be reached by adding /a to the end of your instance home page address. For example, the Admin portal address of our Demo instance is:

Once logged into the Admin Portal, click on 'Persons' in the main Admin menu (Note: 'Persons' may be called 'Submissions' instead, in older instances): 

In your Persons list, click the name of the person you wish to un-blacklist to enter their record (you can use the search tools to filter your person records just like you would in front-end FastGem). 

Once in your blacklisted person's record in backend, toggle Blacklist to NO and Save&Close the record. 


You should now be able to access the person's record in front end FastGem as normal. 


Please contact support with any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you for using FastGem!