*You must be at least an internal user to view these menus in FastGem. 

Login to FastGem. 

Go to - Orders>Leads or Orders>Customers (The name of this tab may be called 'Submissions', 'People', or something else, as FastGem is customized to the instance owner's preferences. )

Note: 'Customers' are people who have been put into a 'Passing' status. Leads are potential customers. When a customer (or rep) submits an Order Form, a new Lead record is automatically created from the data in the submitted form. (For more information about utilizing Order Forms, please see help article "Accessing & Using Order Forms (Video)." For more information on converting a Lead into a Customer, please see help article "Converting a Lead into a Customer.")

You will see a list view of all leads or customers in FastGem. (The field columns displayed on this 'list view' page are customizable and may differ depending on your instance. For information on how to customize the information on this page, please see help article "Rearranging List View Columns.")

If you wish to edit details of a customer's record, click on the 'Edit' (pen and paper) icon in the customer's row. 

You can view or access a customer's action log from this list view by clicking on the 'Black Book' icon in the customer's row. 


You can view the details of any 'Follow up' flags set for a customer by clicking on the 'Red Flag' icon if it is shown next to a customer list item. 



For a quick preview of the customer record, just click on the customer's name link in the list.  



To sort the items on this page by name, package, etc., just click on the applicable column heading, which will auto sort everything in that column. 

You can also utilize Search tools/filters to make searching for specific customers/leads a lot easier and less time consuming. 


You can also change any unlocked status from the list view. 



Below is a written list of explanations for the column titles most likely to appear in your customers/leads list views (keep in mind that these columns are customizable):

Pad and Pen Icon: This is the 'Edit' button. Click this to edit your lead/customer/person page.

Checkbox: This is used when mass updating. Select each record you wish to mass update and then click the Mass Update button at the top of your page to assign changes to all records selected. 

Biz Name: Business Name, if applicable

Full Name: Full name of person

Phone: Person's phone number

State: Person's state of residence

Flag Icon: If the person has a follow up flag set for their record, it will show here. You can click the follow up icon directly to see follow up details, or click the person name to be taken into their record and review the follow up details from there. 

Black Book Icon (Action Logs): Click this to review/add to the action logs for this person, create a task tied to this person, or send a text message to the person or their rep. 

Workflow Status: You can view/change the person's status (Pending, Cancelled, Suspended, Pass, etc.) from here. Statuses are customizable. Keep in mind that leads put into a 'passing' status as configured for your instance are automatically converted into customers, and will appear in the customer list view. 

Credit Risk: Person's Credit Risk

Dep: Department, if applicable

Assigned To: The processor this person has been assigned to, if applicable

Rep: The person's direct sales rep

Lead Rep: If the direct rep has a lead rep, the lead rep will appear here (lead reps can be configured to auto-populate based on direct reps)

Ref: If the customer has a referrer, that referrer will appear here

Person Head Icon: If this person is a customer, a small 'customer head' will show in this column. If this person has not been converted to a customer yet (e.g. if they are still a lead) a small 'thumbs down' will show instead.

Converted: The date the lead was converted to a customer, if applicable 

Created: The date the person record was created

First Touch: The date the person record was edited for the first time

Modified Date: The date the person record was last modified

Time since: The time since the person record's status was last changed (keep in mind that most Pass statuses are not tracked by this counter, per back end configurations).

Apps/Packs: Any and all work orders (appointments)/packages this customer has ordered

Area: Area assigned to this person, if applicable (Areas auto-populate based on the rep assigned) 



Thank you for using FastGem!