Create/edit as many work orders as necessary and attach to one customer record with the Work Orders tab. 

*The following examples assume that you have already opened your customer's or lead's record and chosen the 'Edit' option. They also assume you are not utilizing the overlay tool to access the provider portal (either because you are creating the order manually, or because the order has been created already and you are adding/changing information). For more information on FastGem's overlay tool and how to easily create a Work Order from within a provider portal, please see help article "Accessing and Utilizing Overlay Tools." 


Locate the 'Work Order' section on the right-hand side of your screen. 



Click to expand. 



To add a new Work Order/Package, click on green 'Add New' icon. 


Work Orders added by clicking the 'Add New' button with automatically appear at the top of your work orders list. If you have existing work orders attached to the person record already, you can add a new work order to any lower position in the work orders list by clicking the green plus sign icon at the lower right corner of any work order (when in Edit mode). You can also use the three dots tab on the left side of each work order (when in Edit mode) to drag and drop your work orders into any order you want within the person record: 


You can use the 'expand/contract' buttons to expand/contract all the work orders or individual work orders, if you wish:

Once you've found the applicable work order or created a new one, make the selections consistent with the package or Service Call that needs to be added/edited. The account number will usually be generated by the service provider (in this case, AT&T). Be sure and select the correct dates/statuses, as this information will reflect which/when auto texts will be sent out. If you are sending a technician on the call, make sure you assign the Tech to the work order, so payroll is administered appropriately as well. You can use the 'SCHED' hyperlink to view your scheduling calendar from here. For more information on Tech scheduling, please see help article "Schedule Availability on Tech Calendar." Add required equipment if necessary (This will be viewable to the technician so they can see what they will need. Pricing and details of equipment entered here will also appear on the tech forms for the customer to sign at time of install). Enter promotions and rep adjustments as needed. (This may not apply to everyone. The dropdowns and text boxes which appear when entering a Work Order are customizable and may look slightly different in your instance). 


4. Once you are finished adding the work order details, make sure to click the 'Save' or 'Save and Close' button at the top or bottom of your screen. 

The Work Order is available for notation and reference in its own tab (Work Order/Appointments) from this point on, where you can change details and add/edit rep adjustments/promotions, etc., but is still also accessible from the 'Customer/Person' record as well.