If a customer signs up for a service/installation but does not wish to be charged until the installation date, and you want the system to automatically charge their card on the installation date, follow the below instructions. 

Head to the Admin portal (backend) of your instance. To do this, simply add /a to the end of your normal instance address. For example, the URL for the admin portal of our demo instance is demo.fastgem.net/a

From the main menu of the Admin Portal, click Config: 


Click to access the Integration tab: 



Scroll down until you find the toggle labeled "Enable Auth Auto Charge WO on post date", and toggle to YES. Select to WO Status you wish to tell the software to trigger a CC charge (in the example below, we used the status 'Post Date Test'). 'Auto charge per hour' should ideally not be set to over 10-20, so as to prevent the charges being mistakenly flagged as fraud. Select the statuses you want the work orders that trigger a charge to be changed into depending on whether the charge was successful or not (in the example below, we've used 'Cleared Order' as the successfully charged status and 'Outstanding Balance' as the unsuccessfully charged status). 


Remember to Save when done! 

The amount charged to your customer will be based on the amount entered in the Cost field of that particular Package's details: 


Once the Installation date arrives and the card is charged, the system will add both a generated invoice and payment for the amount to the person/WO record. 


For additional questions, please contact support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for using FastGem!