*Navigation and Menu Item titles in the video below may differ slightly for your instance, due to instance customization. 

NOTE: The article below assumes that you are charging a customer's Credit Card. The same features (Void, Refund, One-Time Charge, and Subscriptions) will all work within FastGem when charging a customer's Checking Account as well. To control whether your charge/refund applies to the customer's checking account or credit card: when processing a payment or refund within FastGem, simply make sure that either 'Use Credit Card' or 'Use Checking Account' is selected from the applicable dropdown: 


When payments are processed, the system will label them as coming from a Credit Card or Bank Account, so that if you need to refund/void a charge later, you will know which option to select: 



If your customer has more than one credit card, you can enter all of them, and the one that is highlighted green will be the one used by the system. You can click 'Use This Card' to tell the system which card to use if you want to change it: 



For an overview of Payments and Invoices within FastGem, please watch the following video:

 NOTE: In the video above, it is stated that switching an Invoice's status to 'Cleared' will only generate a payment record automatically if the invoice status is changed from the Invoices list view; this is no longer the case. Now, you can generate a payment record tied to the invoice for the full invoice amount automatically by switching an invoice to cleared from any view, list view or edit view. If you do NOT wish to have a payment auto-generated when an invoice is completed, let FastGem support know and we can turn that feature off for you. 

NOTE: When building an invoice, if you do not select a template from the Template Chooser dropdown, the system will automatically assign the first template in the dropdown to the invoice. For more information on invoice Templates, see THIS help article. 

 NOTE: If automatic receipts are not being emailed within your instance, please contact FastGem support or see help article 'Enabling Automatic Receipts to Customers.' 

 NOTE: For more information on pay link and reply-to email features, please see help article 'Reply To Email and Pay Link Feature.'

 NOTE: The above video shows you how to manually enter invoices into FastGem. FastGem can also generate invoices for you based upon the Required Equipment entered in a work order. Simply click the 'Generate Invoice' checkbox within a Work Order from a customer's record:


Or, select your person and your work order, and then toggle ''Include WO Line Items' to Yes when building an invoice from scratch:




NOTE: You can now also search for and attach Equipment items to an invoice even when that invoice is not associated with a work order. Simply click 'Add Invoice' and use the 'Catalog (optional)' dropdown to select the equipment piece you're looking for, then enter a quantity in the Quantity field:  


If you would like the Authorize.net account used to charge your customers to differ depending on your customer's address/Area, and/or if you would like tax rates to be calculated automatically for each peice of required equipment added to a work order based on Area, then you will need to set up Areas with their relevent zip codes and Authorize.net information. See THIS article for more information. You can of course always edit the tax rate manually for each individual line item you add: 


For more information on generating invoices based upon required equipment, please see 'Quick and Easy Invoices Using Required Equipment' and/or 'Attaching Inventory Serial Numbers to Invoices (Video)'


 You can also generate invoices directly when charging a payment through Authorize.net, simply by toggling 'Generate Invoice' to YES. This invoice will be for the amount charged, and reflect the payment made on it:


To have invoices generated automatically on STAX payments charged through FastGem, see THIS help article. 


Note that you can also Void a charge or issue a refund on an earlier charge from within the customer's Billing tab in FastGem: 


To enable automatic CC charging on an order's installation date, see THIS article. 

 Further questions can be directed to the FastGem support team at (504) 383-0602 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Thank you for using FastGem!