***Customer names and personal information in the following images are false and were created purely for instructional purposes.

(This article provides instructions on manually texting individual customers. For information on how to mass text all customers or groups of customers, please see the help article "Mass Upload/Update/Texting Tool." For information on how to set up auto-texts to customers when certain conditions are met, please see help articles "Setting Up Auto Text to Customers/Leads/People when Specific Work Order or Submission Statuses are Set." For information on Quality Control/Follow Up/Appointment Reminder Texting, please see help articles "Setting Up Automated Quality Control/Follow Ups" and "Manual Quality Control/Follow Ups.") 

Internal users can send text messages to customers/leads several ways. One method is from a list view, via the Action Log. 


1. From a list view (Customers/People, Leads, Work Orders/Appointments, etc.) click the Action Log (black book) icon.


2. Click "Send Text Message"


3. Select "Customer" from the dropdown


4. Type directly into the text box, or select a pre-written message from the 'Template' dropdown