**For information on Mass Uploading inventory and/or equipment into FastGem, please see help article "Mass Upload/Update/Texting Tool: Inventory and Equipment."


NOTE: Within FastGem, 'Equipment' refers to types of equipment which you may not have on hand at any given time, but you know the basic specifications for (e.g., a small 'Satellite Dish' from the equipment vendor DSI). 'Inventory' is the equipment that your company has actually purchased, with specific identifiers for tracking (e.g., small DSI Satellite Dish with Serial Number 6893546). Having an Equipment Items list makes uploading new Inventory much easier, because you don't have to upload the basic specifications for each piece of inventory each time: instead, you simply designate it as a certain type of equipment, and the details of that equipment type (vendor, category, description, etc.) are tied to it automatically.

NOTE: If you would like to configure chargebacks to technicians for unused inventory, please see help article 'Chargebacks for Technicians Based on Unutilized Inventory.'



Navigate to your 'Inventory List' (This may be called something slightly different or be located under a different menu item, depending on your instance's customization):



From your 'Inventory' page, click 'Add Item.' (You can edit a piece of inventory from this page as well, or use the Mass Update tool to edit several pieces of inventory at once.)


Enter to applicable info, including Equipment type. Assumming your inventory is serialized (e.g. it is not a 'countable' peice of inventory like a roll of tape, etc.), don't forget to add at least one identifier (serial/card number, etc.) for tracking purposes. Also, if you want a technician to be able to see/access/assign this piece of inventory, you must assign it to the technician. 



If the inventory you are adding IS countable/non-serialized, then enter a quantity rather than an identifying number: 


Click 'Save' or 'Save and Close' when you are finished. 


Note that if you want to transfer certain quantities of non-serialized inventory to a technician or away from a technician, or if you want to transfer quantities of non-serialized inventory to an area or away from an area, or if you wish to remove quantities of non-serialized inventory from a customer that they have been assigned to, you can use the 'Transfer Quantity Out' button within a previously saved inventory record to do so: 


If you wish to transfer a quantity of un-activated inventory away from a technician and into an Area, simply select the quantity you wish to transfer, select the area, and leave the Technician field unselected, and click Transfer. If you wish to transfer a quantity of un-activated inventory out of an area and to a technician, select the technician and leave the Area field unselected, and click Transfer. If the inventory is already assigned to a customer and you wish to tranfer it away from the customer and back into an area or back to a technician, select an Area and/or a Technician and click Transfer: 




Navigate to your 'Equipment Items' list (this may be called something different or be located in a different place depending on your instance's customization):


Note that your Equipment list view may display a 'Tech' column and an 'All' column. The Tech column shows you the number of actual inventory pieces of this equipment type that are in stock, consigned to a technician, but not yet assigned to a customer (activated). The All column includes activated inventory in its count, as well as unactivated inventory.


Click 'Add Item' at the top of the screen: 


Enter the applicable information: 


Note that you can select whether the equipment type is serialized or countable (non-serialized, used for things like rolls of tape, etc). If the equipment you are entering is a serialized type of equipment, then you can enter the different types of identifiers that correspond to this equipment model. The identifier types chosen here will allow identifying numbers to be assigned to specific inventory pieces, when marking this type of equipment as received from a Purchase Order. If no unit identifiers are selected here, then the identifier options available when adding serialized inventory from a Purchase Order will be limited to 'Serial Number.' For more information on Purchase Orders, see help article 'Purchase Orders.' 


Don't forget to click 'Save and Close' when you are finished! 


For further questions regarding Inventory and Equipment within FastGem, please contact FastGem support at (504) 383-0602 (or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Thank you for using FastGem!