Areas are often used by large instances as a way of organizing/restricting users, customers, inventory pieces, etc. 



To create an area for your instance, login to the Admin (back end) page of your FastGem, and click on 'Config.' 


Note: If you have special 'Configuration User' permissions, you will be able to access 'Config' from the front end as well: 


Next, in the Content Types tab (the first tab), scroll down until you find the Area section, click to expand it, and then click 'Click Here to Edit' under 'Area': 


In the pop-up screen, use the green 'plus sign' button to add an area to FastGem, then click 'Done' when finished:

Note: It is not recommended that you include special characters such as ampersands (&) in your areas list, as this can cause issues when mass uploading data. 

If you would like the account used to charge your customers to differ depending on your customer's Area, you can enter the details of your different accounts here. This will override the main account linked in your instance for customers within the specified Areas only. 

If you want, you can enter a default tax rate to be calculated automatically for customers in that area, as shown in the picture above. This requires that the toggle 'Override Tax Information Based on Zip OR Area Name' be set to YES: 


If you would like a customer's Area to auto-assign in front-end based upon their address, you must enter the zip codes associated with each area in the Zip Codes field shown above when entering the Area, and you must also toggle 'Enable Area Lookup automatically based on zip code' to YES: 


Here is a quick video overview of how to easily load many zipcodes at once into the appropriate field in the Area pop-up: 


If you would like to link certain provider(s) to an area, so that when a customer is in that area, only those specific providers' packages will appear in the dropdown when selecting a new package for that customer, then you can select the appropriate providers when adding the area in the pop-up screen; you must also toggle 'Enable Provider/Area Package Filter' to YES in the Area section:



You can also set Default Areas here, to be assigned to Inventory peices and/or to customer/lead records that are entered into FastGem.


Don't forget to click 'Save' before exiting Config! 


Your areas will now appear in front end FastGem for you to assign as you wish. 




To assign a tech/rep/user/customer/inventory piece to an area, click to edit the applicable profile/detail page, and find the 'Area' dropdown menu. Select an area from the dropdown:


Click 'Save and Close.' 


(You can also assign areas when mass creating users. See help article 'Onboarding Users/Reps from Front End' for more information.) 


Note that it is possible to restrict users in your instance to see only information pertaining to their assigned area. For more information, see THIS help article. 


For additional questions about area creation, please contact FastGem support at (504) 383-0602 (or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Thank you for using FastGem!