*This form may be called something different in your instance, depending on instance customization. 


The 3rd Party Agreement form is a Tech form, which means it is accessible to technicians and is stored in the Customer Contract Forms section of a work order.




The 3rd Party Agreement form is special because it is linked to the Required Equipment entered for a work order. The form will automatically pull the required equipment costs and info from the work order (along with other info such as customer name, etc.), and automatically calculate the taxes based on the state the customer is in:


Note: If you would like tax rates to be calculated automatically for each peice of required equipment added to a work order, then you will need to set up Areas with their relevent zip codes. See THIS article for more information. You can of course always edit the tax rate manually for each individual line item you add to the work order: 


For help customizing your Required Equipment, please see help article 'Adding Individual Inventory and Equipment to FastGem' or contact FastGem support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.