Conditional Fields help an option appear on your order form under special conditions. (I.E. If you click 'Here', 'This' will pop up) As a example, we are using DirecTV TV packages, and setting them to show up ONLY when the DirecTv services are chosen on the order form. Once you've added the options and fields you want, follow the steps below to control when they appear. 


  1. Login in to Backend FastGem (ADMIN). Click on 'Form Management'
  2. Click on the form you want to edit and add the conditions to (As an example, we used Service Order Form) 
  3. Click on 'Form Properties'. Then, Click on 'Conditional Fields'.
  4. Click on the blue,  'New Condition' icon towards the top of your screen.
  5. In the dropdown field labeled 'Intro', select the name of the field you want to show under the condition you're creating. 
  6. Click on the blue 'Plus sign' icon. 
  7. Change the dropdown boxes to exactly what you want the condition to match. (In this case, we want the customer to see DirectV tv packages only when they select 'DirecTV' under the Which Services portion of the form.)
  8. Click the green 'Save & Close' button once you are done creating new conditions. 
  9. Click 'Save&Close' to finish up on the Form page. 

You can of course make conditional fields fit your needs by choosing 'Hide' instead of 'Show' as the action to be taken, and/or by choosing 'Any' instead of 'All', 'is not' instead of 'is,' as parameters, etc.