To Unpublish forms, navigate to the Admin pages (back end) of your instance, and click on Form Management from the main admin menu. 


From the list of forms, use the check boxes beside the form names to select the form(s) you wish to unpublish. Then click the 'Unpublish' button at the top of your screen. 




Next, if the form you are unpublishing can be accessed from the main menu items along the top of your screen (or the side, if in mobile view) in front end FastGem, navigate to Menus>Main Menu, OR, go to Menus > New Menu. If your FastGem instance was created after December 2022, you will most likely want to go to New Menu. If you are unsure which menu your instance is using, 'Main Menu' or 'New Menu,' please ask FastGem Support and we can tell you. 



If the form you are unpublishing is a Customer or Tech PDF-type form, such as a Customer Verification form or 3rd party agreement form, which are accessed from within customer/work order records, navigate to Menus>hidden. 



From the hidden or Main Menu/New Menu list, use the Search Tools to narrow your search, then select the menu item(s) tied to the form(s) you are unpublishing, and click the Unpublish button at the top of the screen.