Login to the Admin portal (back end) of your instance, click on Form Management, and enter the applicable form. 

Click on 'Form Properties,' and then click on 'User Emails' along the left side of the screen. 

Next, under the 'Recipient' section of the 'User Emails' page, use the dropdown arrow to select '{email: value}' in the 'To' box:


You can also enter a 'reply to' email if  desired.


In the 'Contents' section, enter a Subject and configure the body of the email by clicking on 'Edit the Email Text.' 

If you'd like to include an overview of part or all of the information from the form in the body of the email, you can click the 'Toggle Quick Add' button at the top of the 'User Emails' page, copy any values you wish, and paste them into the body of the email: 



Don't forget to click 'Save & Close' when finished. 


We recommend submitting a test form to ensure the email configuration is correct. 


Thank you for using FastGem!