*You must be an internal user with Admin permissions to access the following features in FastGem. 


1. Login to Admin/Backend FastGem. 

2. Click on the carrot to the right of 'Users' on the top Orange Menu Bar. (See Below) . Then, click on 'Manage'.

3. Click on the User you are needing to assess. (We will use Test Person as an example here.) 

4. Once Test Person's user record is open, click on the 'FastGem' tab along the top of the record's menu. 

5. In the fifth box down, you will most likely see '-ME-'. (See the example on the left.) This is what is causing your problem. The -ME- link should be set to the rep's name in each record.  You will need to click into that dropdown and select the name of the rep (In this case, Test Person). (See example on the right.)


6. Click 'Save & Close' . Double check to make sure the issue you're having is now resolved.