You can assign users permissions allowing them to onboard their own team members from front end FastGem. (For more information on assigning permissions, please see help articles "Setting Permissions for Users" and "Assigned User Group Definitions.") 

 If more specific accommodations need to be met for this feature to work for you, please consult FastGem Support. 




Please note: Technicians MUST be assigned the 'Technician' permission either from the Assigned User Groups dropdown in the Create User page in front-end, or in the Assigned User Groups tab of the User Creation pages in the admin section (back end) of FastGem. For more information on user creation in back end, please see help article 'Onboarding a New User in ADMIN (Backend).'

NOTE: The 'Copy Comps From' option does NOT copy over volume bonuses or rep comp overrides. When using the 'Copy Comps From' option, you will normally be copying comps from someone who is not on a payplan. 

For more information on customizing commissions, including volume bonuses and referrer flat overrides, please see help category 'Commissions and Payplans'

NOTE: In the video above, Mass User Creation is enabled for the example instance. If the User Creation spreadsheet does not appear for you when creating new users in front end, please contact FastGem Support or see help article 'Enabling Mass User Creation in Front End.' 

 Note: To mass upload simple rep records without creating user records, see THIS help article.

NOTE: if you want your new reps to be automatically charged back for referrer fees as well as commissions, you must toggle "Chargeback Referral Fee" to YES in their rep profile: