Solution: Ensure the user record is appropriately linked to a 'rep' record. 

Log into the Admin portal (backend) of your FastGem instance. Navigate to Users>Manage. 


Next, enter the profile of the applicable user and click on the 'FastGem' tab (far right). Check to see if the user is linked to their rep record via the 'ME' link. If not, then search for and link their record by selecting their name in the 'ME' link dropdown. If their name does not appear in the 'ME' dropdown, it is likely that there is no rep record created for them to be linked to in the first place (Double check this by navigating to 'Reps' from the Admin portal's main menu, and searching for their name). If there is no rep record created for this user, you will need to create it here. Toggle 'Create Rep Record as Well' to 'Yes' and go from there.