(For information on logging into RingCentral from within FastGem, see help article 'Using RingCentral from FastGem.')

If you are accessing FastGem from a Brave browser, and you are having difficulty logging into RingCentral from FastGem, try the following actions to resolve the issue: 

1. Put 'SHIELDS DOWN' for FastGem. 

Login to your FastGem instance in Brave. At the end of your address bar, click the little 'Lion' head. Toggle 'Shields UP for this site' to 'Shields DOWN for this site,' and retry.


2. Put 'SHIELDS DOWN' for RingCentral pop up. 

When you click to log into RingCentral from FastGem, a RingCentral sign in pop up appears. Follow the steps above to put shields DOWN for this pop up, and retry. 


3. Login to your RingCentral online account in another tab, by going to login.ringcentral.com. Put Brave Shields down for this site. 


If none of these solutions work for you, please contact FastGem Support at (504) 383-0602 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you for using FastGem!