• Creating a Work Order within a Person Record/Submission - Updated 5/22/2020

    *You must be an Internal User/Processor within FastGem instance to access this feature. 

    Create/edit as many work orders as necessary and attach to one customer record with the updated Work Orders tab, now conveniently located at the top of your Person record underneath Action Log and Submission Data. 

    The following examples assume that you have already opened your customer's record, and chosen the 'Edit' option, and are currently on that screen. 



    1. Locate the 'Work Order' link at the top of the record's 'edit' view. Click to expand. 



    2. To add a new Work Order/Package, click on green, 'Add New' icon. 


    3. Make the selections consistent with the package and/or Service Call that needs to be added. Be sure and select the correct dates/statuses, as this information will reflect which/when auto texts will be sent out. If you are sending a technician on the call, make sure you assign the Tech from the work order, so payroll is administered appropriately as well. (This may not apply to everyone). 

    4. Once you are finished adding the work order details, click the 'Save' button at the top of the 'edit' screen. 


    The Work Order is available for notation and reference in its own tab from this point on, but is still also accessible from the 'People' record as well.

  • Adding a New Package to FastGem Updated 6/3/2020

    *You must have Internal User Permissions to access this feature! 

    Added packages appear in the Package Dropdown box in 'Work Orders' when you add a work order to your customer records. 

    Packages also track commission and (when driven by PHP code), will appear on your order form as well. 


    1. From your FastGem homescreen, go to Resources>Packages on the menu bar. (Do not click on any extensions of 'Packages'. Click Directly on 'Packages'.

    2. From the 'Packages' page, scroll down and click on the 'Add new item' Icon as shown below. 

    3. (As an Example) We are adding the AT&T TV package, 'Entertainment', which comes with 65+ channels, and the cost of that package is $59.99/month. So, in the 'Label' field, we will put 'AT&T TV ENTERTAINMENT'. In the 'Description' field, we will type '65+ Channels', and in the 'Cost' field, we will type '59.99'. In the dropdown box labeled 'Provider' we will select AT&T TV. No dollar sign will be needed, as FastGem autopopulates the currency symbol for you. If your order forms are set up for the provider you are adding a package for, you can select 'Yes' in the 'Include on Form' dropdown box, if you'd like for this package to display on your order form as an option. You can also set up the standard commission plan for this package by selection 'Yes' in the 'Commission Based Package' dropdown, or just leave it at 'No' if you don't wish to set up commission plan. You can always go back and edit that later if you need to. (Please see help topic: Editing Mass Comps for more information on adding commission plans for packages) . 


    4. Click 'Save' when you are finished. The package is now available amongst all of the packages. You can now assign a work order to this package from 'People' or 'Work Order' tabs. 






  • Adding New Packages to Order Form & FastGem

    *You must be an internal user in order to access the following features! 


    Any packages added will also display in the dropdown selection when assigning a package during the creation of work orders. 


    1. Hover your cursor over Resources, then, click on 'Packages.

    2. In the 'Packages List View' , scroll down and click on 'Add Item'. 

    3. The way you enter package data into each provided field here, will be how it is displayed on the order form. 

    *The 'Label' field should contain the Name of the package (highlighted item #1) 

    *The 'Description' field will present on the order inside of parenthesis (highlighted item #2)

    *The 'Cost' field should contain the cost of that particular package. 


    *Be sure and Select a Provider from the drop down box provided. If you do not see the provider you need, please contact FastGem Support


    *Be sure and specify whether or not you want this package information to appear on the order form by making a selection in the provided drop down box labeled 'Include on Form' 

    *You can also set up Flat rep/tech fees and commissions for this package as well when creating it. If you choose to not apply commissions, or to do so later, just toggle the 'Commission Based Package' dropdown option to 'No', and click 'Save and Close'. 

  • Adding New PHP Provider/Packages to FastGem and/or Order Form





    1. Once you are logged in to ADMIN FastGem, click on 'Form Management' 
    2. Click on the Service Order Form that you are currently needing to add the package details to. 
    3. Scroll to the box that says 'DirecTV Spanish Packages' and click the checkbox in the top right hand corner of that box. 
    4. At the top of the screen, click 'Duplicate.' 
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen directly above the section titled 'HIDDEN FIELDS' and find the duplicated box. 
    6. Click and drag the box & place it directly below the original box that you copied. 
    7. Click the 'Edit' button at the bottom right of the duplicated box. 
    8. Change the 'Name Field' and 'Caption' field to reflect the proper name of the service provider  as you wish for it to display on the order form to the customer. 

    In the 'Items' Field, scroll to the text that says "DirecTV Spanish" and change it to reflect the name of the Name and Caption fields. Then, Click 'Save.' 

    Now, you have created the portion of your order form that will show the specific packages for this provider. Please view the following steps on adding the new provider name to 'Content Types' before moving on to completing the additional order option process. 

    1. Click on the FastGem 'Diamond' icon in the top left hand corner. 
    2. Click on the 'Confiq' option of the list. 
    3. Click on the 'Content Types' tab in the horizontal tabs menu. 
    4. Scroll down until you see the 'Provider' option and click 'Edit' button to the right of it. 
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the green 'Plus sign' icon to the right of the last option on the list. Type the Provider Name for the new provider you're adding and click 'Done.' 
    6. Click the 'Save' button to complete this portion of the process. 

    Now that you've added the provider name to your 'content type' options in FastGem, Please view the following steps on adding package details to the new field you've created for your order form. 

    1. In the orange horizontal bar across the top of your screen, click on 'Components', hover over 'FastGem', and click on 'Packages.' 
    2. Click on the 'New' button icon 
    3. Add the Package name and price in the 'Label' and 'Description' fields as you want them to appear on the order form to the customer. 
    4. Click on the dropdown box to the right of the screen labeled 'Provider' and choose the Provider name that you recently added to the order form. Then, click on 'Save &New' at the top of the screen. Repeat this process until you are finished adding packages for this provider. Click 'Save& Close' to finish. 

    NOTE: Packages can also be accessed from FastGem front end for a better visual by going to Resources>Packages. 

    You can then add the package material from there. Be sure and toggle the "Show on Order Form" option to 'Yes' if you're wanting the package you add to be visible on the Order Form.

  • Adding Provider/Package to Service Order Form for non PHP forms.

    **You will need to be logged in to the ADMIN section of FastGem to proceed. This help topic is created ONLY for forms who do not use PHP code for packages. 


    1. From the home screen of back end FastGem, click on 'Form Management'. 
    2. Click on the Service order Form you are currently needing to edit. 
    3. Scroll to the box labeled 'which_services' and click the 'Edit' button in the bottom right hand corner of the box. 
    4. Add the new package name to the list in the field provided. Click Save. 
    5. Scroll to the top of the page & click 'Save.' Then, Click on 'Preview' to see a preview of the changes you made. Click 'Save & Close' when you are finished. 
    6. To add Package options to the order form for a specific provider, please see the training article titled "Adding Package Details to Order Form." 
  • Understanding Field Meanings in People tab Updated 6/3/2020

    Below: Please find an explanation of everything you will see when you click on your customer's name from the 'Submissions' page in FastGem. 

    1. ACTION LOGS- Notes/Actions taken by Internal/System users. (i.e. Processor, Company heads) about the specific order in which you are viewing. You can text your customer, rep, and even create a task attached to this customer record from the Action Log.
    2. SUBMISSION DATA- All customer details/information/preferences submitted by the customer on their order form. Also includes the link they were issued to fill out the order form, rep name, etc. Sensitive data such as SSN, DOB, etc. is masked from this section
    3. FIRST/LAST NAME- Customer First/Last Name
    4. PRIMARY EMAIL- Customer's e-mail address given on their order form
    5. PRIMARY PHONE- Customer's primary phone number as entered on order form. 
    6. SECONDARY PHONE- Customer's secondary contact number (optional) 
    7. ACCOUNT NUMBER- Once account is set up for customer, this space will be filled in by the processor consistent with the account number given by provider of services. 
    8. ADDRESS- Address of customer as entered on their order form. (paired with City/State/Zip fields as well) 
    9. PIN- This is set up by the order processor while placing order for services. 
    10. SECURITY ANSWER- Some providers require an account security question  during initial account set up. The answer is put here by order processor. 
    11. WORKFLOW STATUS- Here, you will find the status of the order (Not Started, About to process, Pass, DNQ, etc) 
    12. CREDIT RISK- Credit risk of customer (once processed) is typed here. 
    13. ASSIGNED TO- Shows who processed the order or last touched/edited/added action logs to submitted order.This person will also receive notifications in QC if the customer responds to a text message received from the 'People' or 'Submissions' tab.
    14. REP- Shows the rep whose order form link was used to submit the order. 
    15. LEAD REP- Shows the rep's team leader
    16. PROCESSOR CHANNEL- Shows which channel or the channel owner used to process order. 
    17. CREATED- Shows the live date and time that the order was actually submitted by customer. 
    18. FIRST TOUCH- Shows the date and time that the first processor/internal system user opened and viewed/edited/processed the order. 
    19. WORK ORDERS- This section is labeled and shows the name of the provider/package , # of cable boxes/rooms needed, the scheduled installation date, install time window, Status of the installation (Installed, scheduled, payment cleared, cancelled) . It allows you to create the work order within the customer record, so you don't have to alternate back and forth between 'People' and 'Work Order' tabs.